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Chilling with J Lavaly

J Lavaly is not new to the music industry, some may have forgotten what he is truly capable as he was on a hiatus for while. He has made a come back, a return of a king, whose voice potentially could steal your girl without you realising it before its too late.

It was mentioned during the conversation that he has had various opportunities and moments. One of such that was mentioned for the young talent was his audition experience on Little Mix The Search.

The members of Little Mix become mentors as they put together a boyband. The talented hopefuls are auditioned individually before being put through their paces alongside their competitors. Only the most impressive will make it through to the final line-up to battle it out for the prize in the performance shows.

J Lavaly is not new to being on our platform. He was on our recent edition of The Lounge (The Lounge XXMM) earlier this year. Where he made sure the audience would not forget him.