Hailing from the vibrant South London music scene, Solaariss emerges as a remarkable producer/artist whose creativity knows no bounds. At just 21 years old, he is already making waves with his distinctive blend of genres, earning him the title of a true pioneer in the realm of Alternative RnB Fusion. With an undeniable talent for playing multiple instruments, particularly the saxophone, Solaariss captivates audiences with his emotive and unforgettable musical experiences.




Afrofusion/ R’n’B




Up Until Recently

Solaariss has firmly established himself in the industry, having produced a string of impressive records and collaborating with a range of talented contemporaries. His name has become synonymous with innovation, drawing the attention of artists such as Alxndr London, Lex Amor, Sugi.wa, Ama Lou, Safiyyah, and many more. This rising star’s journey has soared to new heights since signing with Young Future Co. management, igniting his artistry and paving the way for remarkable achievements.

On stage, Solaariss’s performances are nothing short of captivating, leaving audiences in awe at his ability to seamlessly blend genres and create a unique sonic experience. His magnetic presence has graced renowned venues, including Sofar Sounds London and Pop Brixton, where he effortlessly mesmerizes crowds with his musical prowess.

Solaariss’s ascent in the music world has garnered well-deserved recognition, with features in The Floor Mag and regular radio play on Tribe Urban Radio. As anticipation mounts for his debut single, the buzz surrounding his music is undeniable, solidifying his position as an artist to watch closely.

With boundless talent, a groundbreaking vision, and a dedication to pushing musical boundaries, Solaariss is poised to make an indelible mark on the music industry. Prepare to embark on a musical journey like no other, guided by the mesmerizing sounds and artistry of this rising star.

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